What's New in AppCal!

Instant Messaging - November 2015

As a first step towards instant messaging we have developed a pop- up notification on the current messagebox .

To send and receive these pop-up emails, you must be logged into AppCal. Kindly note, the pop up will not occur if you add the optional notification email found under my info.

To send a message using the new development, use the message box system as you would usually please click here for more information.
The recipient of the message will now receive a pop up message in the right hand corner of AppCal e.g.

The number on the left hand side gives the numbers of messages waiting for your attention. If you choose to close the pop up it will disappear if you decide to open it, it will open the message box where you can respond, forward etc.

The messagebox stores the messages received and sent.

If you receive messages while you are logged out of AppCal they will be stored and the popup on the top right hand side will be visible.

It is possible to see if your message has been read by going into your outbox and viewing the message. If it is is unread it will remain the colour red. If it is sent to the company and 1 person has read it, the colour will from red to black. If it is sent FAO it will remain red until that person has read the message and then it will turn black.

Insertion of confirmed appointment - Coordinators only - June 2015

Although, this is not a new development. We would like to draw your attention to the possibility of inserting a confirmed appointment.

Coordinators are able to insert an appointment as Accepted in their calendar and the other participant calendar by using Insert Confirmed Appointment.

All follow up transactions will be possible. Please see the section in the Help Pages for more details

Requesting appointments in the break out area!

Firstly, it is important to note, all meetings between exhibitors and coordinators and meetings requested by Airlines in the pre-allocated room will take place in the usual location.  Please see the AppCal default location table for more information.

However, if an airline located in the break out area requests a meeting with another airline in AppCal they will need to use the ‘request extended’ function. The following describes the step by step process.

From the participant list or the favourites list, select the airline delegate you wish to make the meeting with and click on 'show calendar for selected participants' e.g.

Request an appointment by selectiing a free slot in the calendar of the participant you want an appointment with and then choose 'request extended' e.g.

Change the location of the meeting to 'Other location (see note)' and then type ‘zone red’ or ‘zone blue’ to the note. Within the hot-desking room if there is a meeting table available in that zone delegates can have their meeting there or at a nearby table. 

If the airline located in the breakout area is requesting a meeting with an airline in the main airline room, they can of course choose ‘your location’.  

June 2014

AppCal App!

The AppCal App can be downloaded by following this link .

Among other features, it provides a quick solution to locating delegates at the conference. Simply click on the table plan search, type in the airline code or coordinator/facilitator name you are searching for and the location will appear. Other features include:

  • Link to Eventmobi the SC App
  • Link to IATA website and SC documents
  • Link to AppCal Website
  • Link to Online Coordination (OCS)
  • Sudoku Quest - Play the game and win an iPad Mini!

Auto Selection of FAO when emailing

Auto selection of the FAO in the message 'to' field when a delegate selects 'send message to' from the participants page.

The email message will then appear with the FAO prepopulated

Changes to group email formatting

Email messages received will stay as 'unread' (marked in red) until the delegate marked as the FAO (for attention of) has opened the message, whereupon the message colour will change to blue.


November 2013

On-site Notifications

It is now possible to keep up to date with AppCal from your email account.
You can opt in to the on-site notification option so that you receive by email any changes that happen in AppCal while you are on-site.
To opt in to this option you must add your email address under “My Info” and “On-Site Notification Email”

When you opt in to the on-site notifications you will be advised of any changes to your AppCal calendar.
The on-site notifications are your way to keep up-to-date with the latest information.

Calendar Colour Block

In order to make it clearer when you print a copy of your AppCal calendar, we have changed the colour and included a thicker border around each meeting.


June 2013

Upload Profile Photo

AppCal will now allow you to upload a profile photo making it easier to recognize the delegates with whom you have meetings.

Should you wish to add a photo please go to “My Info.”
You will be asked to agree to the data protection before uploading your photo.
Check the "I agree" box.
Click on “Browse” to select your photo and then “Upload.”

You can remove your photo from the system at any time.

Alternative Contact Information

Include your Skype or IM contact information in AppCal allowing you to contact delegates more easily on-site at the Slot Conference.
Go to “My Info” and type in your “Alternate Contact Info” and click on “Update”.

Send Message to all Appointees in your AppCal Calendar

Should you need to contact all companies that have booked an appointment with in AppCal, you can now send a message to them through the AppCal messagebox.
This will be helpful if there are any last minute changes that you need to advise your appointees of.

Go to “My Calendar”, click on “Send to all appointees” and this will open a new message with all the companies with whom you have booked an appointment included.

Exhibitor Meeting Location

Since Exhibitors are not allowed in the Main Airline and Coordinator Meeting Rooms we have blocked meetings with Exhibitors to the Exhibitor Booth.
Should an Airline or Coordinator wish to meet them in a different area, for example break out area, they have the permission to make the change.


November 2012

Updating the printing of ‘company’ calendar

AppCal will now print your company calendar, allowing you to see what meetings your colleagues have arranged and where they will be during the conference.

To allow you to clearly see what meeting is taking place and where, a maximum of 5 columns appear per page.
If you have a lot of colleagues (more than 5) the company calendar will be printed out in such a way that the calendar is evenly spaced; for example for 6 delegates, 3 columns per page for each day of the conference.

Adding Additional Delegates to Email in Reply Mode

AppCal will now include more than one delegate in the messages you send through the AppCal MessageBox, in the original message and the reply mode. Simply click on “add another company” and you will be able to include more companies in your message.

Calendar Changing to Present day during the Conference

During the conference the calendar will automatically update to the present day to allow for quick reference of the appointments that you have.


Updating the “I forgot my password” Function

It is now clearer that your username is required to receive an email when you click on “I forgot my password”. When you click on “I forgot my password” the following message appears, “You have to enter your username”. Once your username has been inputted the following message appears, “Password sent to your email account.”


June 2012

SCInfo Integration

Since November 2011 we have integrated the familiar functions of SCInfo into AppCal. At SC130 and going forward we will only use AppCal as the onsite conference tool. AppCal will provide all conference information to our delegates.

Guest Login

Limited AppCal access will be granted to Support roles and Observers under a ‘Guest’ Log In. Access to AppCal will give the ‘Guest’ visibility of delegates attending the conference and their location during the conference only. Once logged in the ‘Guest’ will have limited visibility to the following pages, Home, Participants, Companies, Help and Log out. Login information will be sent to delegates a few days prior to the conference.

Conference Documents

Conference Documents will be found on the home page of AppCal. 


Table number display

Under the Participant's page the Table/Room column is located. This  displays the location of the individual or the company. As in previous conferences IATA is responsible for updating this information onsite during the conference.

Search by Company 

In accordance to the SCInfo site it is also possible to search for a company or delegate by Country in the drop down menu found under the Participant’s page.



Meeting Location

It has been a recurrent request to have the meeting locations to be available in AppCal and printed on the AppCal calendar.  This has been difficult to develop due to the nature of the conference (e.g. Exhibitors cannot meet Airlines/Coordinators in the main meeting room, Airlines should go to the Coordinators room for meetings etc).  Also, preconference there are no table numbers, onsite these are updated. 

AppCal has now been set up so that depending on the status of the delegate the following default location will be selected.:

If you are requesting the appointment and don't wish to meet the delegate at the default location it is also possible to change the location to either 'your location' or 'my location', it is also possible to suggest a different location altogether. Finally when receiving a request if the location of the meeting does not suit your preferences you can suggest a different location.

All location information is shown in your AppCal Calendar and is listed when printed/exported to Excel and Outlook.

For further information please see Requesting an Appointment under the AppCal support page.


November 2011

Adding & comparing Favourites

Adding a Favorite

It is now possible to add a favorite under the Favorites Calendar page.

Simply start typing the name of the delegate or company into the quick search field and their details will show up in the drop down menu. Once you have selected your favorite click add.

Comparing Favorite Calendars

To compare a number of your 'favorite' calendars, go to the Favorites Calendar page and left click on the favorite you wish to compare calendars with, then click to 'Bring to the front'.  Do the same with the other favorites you wish to compare with. 


To reset your favorite list click on a new page.  When you go back to the favorite Calendar page the favorite list will have reset. 


Calendar Print out

When printing out your calendar the lines that distinguish the time slots are darker and clearer.  Please follow this link for further information on printing your calendar.

Exporting AppCal to email Calendars

From SC128 it has been possible to import your AppCal calendar into Outlook.  After testing this feature has been made possible for Mac mail, Firebird and Lotus notes. The guidelines below are based on Outlook but the process for the other email/calendar systems are the same. 

Important Note: Once you arrive onsite at the conference, please make sure you change the time zone in your Outlook before you export your calendar.

How to change the time zone in Outlook:

Step 1: Click on your Calendar in Outlook as shown below:


Step2: click on the clock on the left hand side as shown below:

On the Tools menu, click Options.
Click Calendar Options.
Click Time Zone.
Under Current time zone, type a description in the Label box.
In the Time zone list, click the time zone you want.
If you want your computer clock to automatically adjust for daylight saving time changes, select the Adjust for daylight saving time check box.
This option is available only in time zones that use daylight saving time (DST).

Step3: Change the time zone using the drop down menu, to that of the conference as shown below


Step4: Shut down your Outlook so that the new settings take effect.

Now you can begin exporting you AppCal Calendar to Outlook!


"Export to Outlook" function

You can now export your appointments to your Outlook. You can either extract one appointment or all appointments

For Outlook 2003 users

1- Extract one appointment to Outlook

Right click on the appointment that you would like to export as shown below:

Save the file on your computer

Go to your Outlook


The appointment will appear in your calendar

Once you open it, you will see the full details concerning your appointment:

Important: If you extract an appointment twice duplicates will appear in your calendar

2- Extract all Calendar to Outlook:

All the other steps are exactly the same as mentioned in section one "Extract one appointment to Outlook"

Important: If you extract your calendar  twice duplicates will appear in your calendar. for all appointments that were already extracted. New ones will appear only once.

For Outlook 2010 users

You can either extract one appointment or all appointments to Outlook. Our recommendation is to extract all appointment since this will create a new separate calendar in your Outlook that you can delete and and replace at any point of time before or during the conference

 1- Extract all Calendar to OutlooK:

Under you calendar  as shown below you have "Export to Outlook" icon, please click on in it:

Open file:

The file will directly show in your Outlook as shown below:

If you want to delete the AppCal calendar you exported in order to export a new updated version, please follow the steps below:



2. Extract only one appointment:

please note that if you do this export several times for the same appointment duplicates will appear in your Outlook.

Right click on the appointment that you would like to export as shown below:

Click on Open:

Save and close as shown below:

November 2010

 Quick Search for SCR and SWAP Messages

Type the first two characters of the Company Name, Company Code, Country, Participant Names, or Participant Responsibilities and the drop-down list will be activated, continue to type and the search will be narrowed down.


My Info Room and Table Numbers

Your location at the conference is displayed in your “My Info” section..

June 2010

I Forgot My Password Function

To reset your password yourself

You click on the "I forget my password" as shown below:

AppCal will automatically send you a new password to your e-mail address that is in the AppCal system

2 - Print your Calendar

Now you can print your calendar in a very nice template in just on click

Your calendar will open in a pdf. format ready for printing

November 2009

  1. SWAP Messaging

June 2009

  1. SCR Messaging

April 2009

  1. "Deleted" Message tray
  2. Send Messages to more than one Company
  3. Register external e-mail addresses for future use
  4. Add "Job Title" to My Info page

October 2008

  1. Message Box

April 2007

  1. Tool tip (Roll over)
  2. Favorites list warning Pop-Up
  3. Favorites calendar menus pop up on the left for last columns
  4. Search Results sort order
  5. Import Previous Conference Favorites list
  6. Insert Confirmed appointment (coordinators only)



  • Add Job Title to My Info page

    My Info page now has an input box for your Job Title.

    This information is displayed on your Info page, and is visible when a mouse is stopped over your name in the Participant Page  

  • Message Box

You can now exchange messages with other AppCal participants.
You can access your Message Box from the main Menu Bar 

Detailed information on how to use the Message Box can be found on the dedicated Message Box Help page.


Cannot remember who it is requesting an appointment with you?
Roll your mouse pointer over a cell, and a pop-up will display the participant's name  and company.
If a note was added, it will also be displayed.

  • Favorites list warning Pop-Up
  • Previously, if you added the maximum number of participants to the Favorites list, it was impossible to use the Favorites Calendar for the last entries on the right side of the page, since the menus would display outside of the browser frame. Now, when clicking on the last column to the right, menus will display on the left side.


You can adjust the order in which you results will be displayed clicking one of the radio buttons in the header row.

When in the customisation phase, you have to add the participants one by one to your Favorites List. If you have used the Appointment Calendar before, you can now re-create your Favorite List as it was when you last used it for the previous conference. Some names might not be displayed: see Help Page for more details.

This functionality is available to Coordinators only

Although it is not a recommended practice, it may happen that an appointment is agreed to outside of the Appointment Calendar, via e-mail or phone. In the past, a coordinator would usually use BLOCK with a NOTE  to write this appointment in his calendar. This appointment would not appear in the other party's calendar. Such a blocked appointment could not be moved or cancelled via the AppCal functionalities. Coordinators will now be able to insert such an appointment as Accepted in their calendar and the other participant calendar by using Insert Confirmed Appointment.

All follow up transactions will be possible. See Help Page for more details


As a first step towards instant messaging we have developed a pop- up notification on the current messagebox that commences at the start of the conference.
To send and receive these pop-up emails, you must be logged into AppCal. Kindly note, the pop up will not occur if you add the optional notification email found under my info.
To send a message using the new development, use the message box system as you would usually please click here for more information.
The recipient of the message will now receive a pop up message in the right hand corner of AppCal e.g.