During the use of this application we collect frequently asked questions together with their answers. Please look through this before asking support. If you miss something please let us know.

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  • What are the AppCal opening dates for the current conference?  

You can preview important AppCal dates by looking at Opening Schedule

  • What are the most common mistakes made by AppCal users?

 1- Trying to request appointments when you do not have the necessary rights.

Often when an AppCal user is unable to request an appointment, he assumes that there is a problem with the application. Remember that if you try to complete a transaction outside of the allowed period, menu items do not appear when you click on a calendar cell. Read the message on the AppCal Home Page, and review the AppCal Opening Schedule explanation on the Help page.

 2- A company administrator does not close un-necessary calendar.

Each Head of Delegation is given administrator role by default. A calendar is created for each participant registered for the conference. If your company delegation is comprised of several members, and that not all of them will be making appointments, the administrator should take time at the very beginning to change to "Inactive" the status of those who will not be making appointments.

  3- Blocking a full calendar instead of using the “Inactive Status”

Participants not wanting to receive appointment requests at the conference will use several “Block” transaction to fully “Block” their calendar. Instead, on “MY INFO” page, change your status from “ACTIVE” to “INACTIVE”. No calendar will be displayed for you.
There is nothing wrong to use several “Blocking” if you want to partially close your calendar.

 4- Making consecutive appointment requests when needing an appointment longer than 15 minutes.

If you need to meet someone for longer than 15 minutes, use the “Request extended” transaction to request 2, 3 or more meeting slots. This will show in your calendar as a single appointment, but for a longer duration.

  5- Declining an appointment request because the time is wrong and asking the requester to choose a different time, in lieu of suggesting a new time.

If you receive an appointment request at a time that is inconvenient, but you want to meet with the requesting party, use the “Suggest Change” transaction to find a time suitable for both parties.

  6- Declining an appointment request and asking the requester to request it again with another one of your co-workers, instead of forwarding it.

If you receive an appointment request, but you want another one of your co-worker to meet with the requesting party, use the “Forward” transaction to move the appointment request from your Calendar to your co-worker calendar. Your company co-worker will complete the request transaction.

 7- Declining a request to suggest a shorter meeting time.
You can use the “Suggest Change” transaction to request a different meeting length.

 If as an example you have received a meeting request for 30 minutes, and you want to allocate only 15 minutes to that participant, you can use “Suggest Change” to accept a 1 time slot meeting.  

8- Entering too many search criteria

Try to limit your search criteria to one or two (coordinator & country or company & name). If you enter too many criteria, and only one of them is incorrect, then the return is blank. If as an example you choose ACL in the drop-down menu under company, and then enter John in the name box, if John from ACL is not registered, then the search result will be blank, even though several ACL employees are attending the conference. Misspelling a name will cause an incorrect search result.


  • How do I print the calendar?

You print using the print function in the browser.

If the calendar doesn't fit on a page you can remove header and footer in page setup (it gives you more space on the page).

  • I can no longer login

Please select the 'I forgot my password'  function found underneath the change password button.

If this doesn't work please contact appcal-support and ask them to reset the password.

  • Status change doesn't take effect

If you have changed your status, or your authorization role you will have to logout and login again for the changes to take effect.


  • No Participant with Administrator role

  • A few things can go wrong so you end up without an administrator.

    Make sure that you always have one active (or at least non-hidden) administrator. If by mistake you make your administrator (head delegate) hidden this person can still log on to the system and give someone else administrator rights, or change back from hidden.

    If you change the authorization role from administrator to normal on all your participants you no longer have an administrator. Don't do this. Then you must contact appcal support and ask them to change the authorization role on one of the participants to administrator.

    • The application goes outside the screen

    This application is optimised for IE and only guaranteed to work there and that we expect you to have a screen resolution no worse than 1024x768.

    • I cannot make appointments

    You do not have the necessary rights. Review the opening schedule

    • How do I block in a co-worker's calendar

    You must have the authorization role administrator.

    You work on behalf of the other participant, you then go into My Calendar which will be the other participants calendar and make the blocks there. After you have made the blocks you exit the work on behalf by pressing the quit xxx button below the menu.

    The easiest way to work on behalf of another is to go into Company Calendar click on the header of the participant you want to work on behalf of and pick work on behalf of in the popup menu.

    • How do I contact AppCal Support?