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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Appointment Calendar Opening Schedule

Section 1: Participant Calendar Customisation.

Section 2: Identifying Conference Participants.

Section 3: Appointment Transactions

Section 4: Appointment Management

Appointments Calendar Help

This documentation describes the functionality of the IATA Appointments Calendar. It guides you through the 4 types of transactions used in the calendar.

  • Section 1: Participant Calendar Customisation.
  • Section 2: Participant Searches and Favourite List.
  • Section 3: Appointments Transactions.
  • Section 4: Appointments Management.


Introduction: The Appointment Calendar Opening Schedule

When used in preparation for a conference, the different Appointment Calendar (AppCal) functionalities are made available progressively. Not all functionalities will be available at the same time for everyone as they will vary according to the organization type (Airline, Coordinator, Exhibitor), or your role within the organization (Administrator, Normal). Here is an example of when and how the AppCal is made available:

First Step: Calendar Customisation -minimal work required-

  • Hiding or Showing your calendar.
  • Blocking time slots in your calendar.
  • Adjusting your profile.
  • Adjusting Administrator role.
  • Setting up your favourites list.

Second Step: Coordinators can book appointments, Airlines can accept appointments

  • Coordinators get a head start to request appointments
  • Coordinators can accept meeting requests originating from another Coordinator.
  • Airlines can only accept appointment requests, or Suggest an alternate time.
  • Exhibitors can only accept appointment requests, or Suggest an alternate time.

 Third Step: All AppCal functionalities are available to all Airlines and Coordinators.

  • Coordinators can request, accept, decline appointments.
  • Airlines can request, accept, decline appointments with Coordinators or other Airlines.
  • Exhibitors can only accept appointment requests, or Suggest an alternate time.
  • E-mail reminder messages are generated if a request is not answered within 24 hours.

Fourth Step: AppCal meeting request functionalities are made available to Exhibitors.

  • During the last days leading to the Conference, all registered participants are able to use the AppCal to request and accept meetings.

 Fifth Step: The AppCal is closed for bookings

  • Participants can no longer request appointments
  • Participants can accept pending requests.
  • All calendars remain visible


When accessing the AppCal, review the HOME PAGE message for the latest updates on current rights settings.

First time Login & Password Reset

The AppCal login page is located at:

Each registered participant in the Slot Conference is provided with an individual username and password. Type in the information in the appropriate input fields.

The first time a participant logs in for a conference, he will be prompted to change his password.
When changing your password, the original password must be retyped, and the new password must be entered twice.

The change will be permanent.

If you have entered the "Change Password" in error, simply click the "Cancel Change" button to return to the login page. 

Changing your password

A password can be changed by clicking on "Change Password" button on the login page.


Section 1: Participant Calendar Customisation.

In this section the participants:

  • Show or Hide their Calendar by Adjusting their Status
  • Adjust their participant information
  • Adjust their availability by blocking part of their calendar

The Main Menu Bar

  • Home: brings you to the home page where you will find a message box and menu items.
  • Participants: brings you to the participants' page where you can search for participants and edit your favorite selection and select the participants whose calendar you want to see.
  • Favorites Calendar: Shows the calendars of the participants in your favorite selection.
  • My Calendar: Shows your own calendar, for all days combined.
  • Company Calendar: Shows the calendar for the participants from your company, for a given day.
  • My Info: Shows your personal info and allow you to edit part of it.
  • Help: Brings up this documentation and the FAQs link.
  • Log out: exit from the Appointments Calendar.

Adjusting "My Info"

Go to the "My Info" page by clicking on "My Info" in the menu.

Some information is fixed when you register for the conference: company, country, participant role, name, and email. Contact IATA ( ) if you want to change any of this information.

Adding a Nickname

If you are commonly known under another name you can enter it as your nickname which will be used instead of your first name.


  • If a nickname is entered, it will replace your first name everywhere in the different Appointment Calendar displays.

Adding Airport/Sector additional Information

Airport/Sector is displayed together with the company code in the calendars and lists. Please keep it short. 

  • Airport/Sector information will also be displayed in the Calendar Header row
  • This is not to be used to post messages.

Adding a Notification e-mail

If you do not react to Appointment requests within 32 hours, you will get an email reminder . Reminder messages are sent to the email address supplied during registration. If you wish for your reminder email messages to be re-directed to a different e-mail address, add one in the Notification e-mail field.  Please make sure you type a correct email address.

Adding Additional search values

Additional "Search Keywords" can be added. This is relevant if your responsibility are known under other terms.

Saving "My Info": After having changed "My Info" remember to press the "update" button at the bottom of the page.

Changing the Authorisation Role - Administrator or Normal

Your administrator (default the head delegate) can adjust your "authorization role" which defines your rights in the system. The administrator has extended rights to work on behalf of other users in the same company.


  • A participant with Normal Authorisation Role can perform transaction only for himself
  • More than one participant from a company can have the Administrator Authorisation Role
  • If by mistake, no one in a company has Administrator Authorisation Role, contact IATA at to re-assign it
  • After changing the Authorisation Role, you need to press the "Update" button at the bottom of the page.

Changing the Status- Hiding/Showing a calendar

You can change your status if you want to show or not an appointment calendar for conference participant to request meetings with you.

If you want to have a calendar and make appointments for the conference, chose Status "Active".
If you do not want to have a calendar, choose Status "Inactive".

  • An Active participant is registered for the Conference, will appear in the participant list and will show a calendar. An active participant has access to the Message Box.
  • Change the status from Active to Inactive if a registered participant does not want to show a calendar and accept appointments during the conference. An Inactive participant is registered for the Conference, will appear in the participant list but WILL NOT display a calendar. 
    An Inactive participant can access the Company Message Box, and his name will be visible in the "For" optional field.

The Administrator Role

When you have administrator role, you can execute transactions for any of the users in your company. 

  • As an administrator you can execute appointment transactions on any appointment request appearing in "Company Calendar" page.

You can also "Work on behalf" of any of the users in your company.

  • You need to "Work on Behalf" to complete transactions in the Participants / Favourites / My calendar and My Info pages of other users in your company.

Working on Behalf of

When you work on behalf of another participant (from your company) you everything you do is done as if you were that other participant but you keep your own rights in the system.

There are two ways to start working on behalf of another participant: 

  1. In Company Calendar you use the header menu. Click on any other users' name in the header of the calendar. Then select "Work on behalf of" in the popup menu.
  2. Find the participant in in the participants page and click on the work on behalf of button.

  • Notice that the header tells you that your are working on behalf of another user.
  • You can stop working on behalf of the other user by clicking on this button.

Administrator Changes Participants Role

Once working on behalf of another user, go to "My Info" and change the authorization role from normal to administrator in order to enable them to work on behalf of other company users as well. By default Head delegates and Accredited Reps have administrator role.

Administrator Changes Participants Status (Hiding a calendar)

Once working on behalf of another user, an administrator can go to "My Info" and can change a participant status from active to inactive.

A participant status can only be change from Active to Inactive n if there are no appointments in his calendar. To change the status of a participant with appointments in his calendar, first go to his Calendar and decline or forward all appointments in his calendar. Once a participant's calendar is empty, the status can be changed.

To change a participant status from Inactive to Active, find the participant in the Participant List and Edit his Info.

The Calendar in General

The calendar page is designed to resemble an ordinary appointments calendar. The calendar either shows the information for one participant all days or several participants one day. The calendar is split into slots (here of 15 minutes duration). The appointments can occupy a number of slots.


  • Cell content is visible for all appointments where you or one of your co-worker is involved. As such you will see appointment information in My Calendar, and Company Calendar.
  • Cell content is not visible for appointments involving third parties. As such, appointments where your company is not involved will show as "Blocked" in Favorites Calendar. Reciprocally, other participants cannot see who you are meeting with, unless it is someone from their company.


Calendar Legend

During the work with the calendar the cells change color depending on their status and whether they are blocked or occupied

Blocking the Calendar

You can adjust your availability by blocking parts of your calendar. A block covers a period where you don't want appointments because you are occupied with other activities (lunch, ...).

You add a block by clicking in the calendar slot you want to block (left click not right). Choose the "Block" entry in the popup menu. Fill out the "block" dialog with the required number of slots and an appropriate label. Press OK. Now the chosen number of slots is blocked.

Unblocking the Calendar

You unblock a blocked slot by clicking on the block and choose "Unblock" in the popup menu. Then the block is removed.

Section 2: Identifying Conference Participants.

In this section the participants:

  • Search for Participants to the Conference
  • Create their Favorites list 

The Participant Page

The participant page provides

  • Search for participants
  • Data overview for found participants
  • Administration of personal "Favorites" list
  • Selection of participants for calendar view
  • Access to participant data edition.

Search for participants

You search by filling in the relevant criteria:
(It is not recommended to input more than one or two criterions)

  • Per Company code or name (drop-down menu)
  • By Country (drop-down menu)
  • By Airport or Sector (free text)
  • Per Name (free text - input a last name or a first name)

You can adjust the order in which you results will be displayed clicking one of the radio buttons in the header row.

"Clear" clears the search criterions.

Press search to see the participants that match your search criterions.

A Indicates that a Participant has a calendar open and is accepting appointment requests.


Creating a Favorites List

The favorite selection is used to give you quick access to the calendars of the participants you want to have appointments with. Those are the Participants that will display in Favorites Calendar page.

Importing Previous Conference Favorite list

If you have attended previous conferences, you can re-create for this conference your favorites list by copying your favorite list from your previous conference. Click on the button on Favorites Calendar page.

  • If you did not previously attend a conference, return will be blank.
  • If you have used a favorites list at the previous conference, a warning message will appear informing you which previous participants could not be added to your favorites list.  The successfully imported names will display in your Favorites Calendar.

Some reasons for a previous Favorite participant calendar not to be re-created successfully:

  • Participant has not yet completed his registration.
  • Participant is duly registered. But for this conference, participant has chosen not to show a Calendar.
  • Previous Participant has been replaced by a new Participant from the same company. Names are not substituted.
  • Participant is not attending the Conference.

Building a Favorite List

You administrate your favorite selection by clicking add or remove in the favorite column of the search results on the Participant Page. 

  • You can see your current selection of favorites by clicking "Display favorites". Initially the participant list shows your selection of favorites.
  • If you click remove while showing the favorite selection the participant disappear from the view.
  • There is a limit to the number of participants you can add to your Favorite Calendar. Once the threshold is met, a warning pop-up will alert you to stop adding new participants to your favorite list.

Select and Show Participant(s) Calendar

 From a search result, in addition to building your Favorite list, you can display other participant calendar(s). Select or deselect all the participants in the list by clicking on the button in the upper left corner of the participant list. 

  • You select or deselect a participant by clicking in the checkbox.

Once you have completed your selection directly in the participant list,  press the "Show calendar for selected participants" button. 

This will display the selected Participant Calendar
You are now ready to make your first transaction request.

Section 3: Appointment Transactions.

In this section the participants:

  • Make Appointments with other Conference participants

Displaying a calendar

You can show different calendar views by:

  • Going to Favorites Calendar page.
    For one day, your Calendar followed by all the Participant calendars from your favorite list.
  • Showing a Participant Calendar from the Participants page.
    For one day, your Calendar followed by all the Participant calendars selected in the search output..
  • Going to My Calendar page.
    Your Calendar across all conference days.
  • Going to Company Calendar page.
    For one day, your Calendar followed by all calendars for other participants for your own company. 

Requesting an appointment is best done in Favorites Calendar or Showing a Participant Calendar.

Follow-up transactions are best done in My Calendar or Company Calendar.


Check the date and identify where you are in the opening schedule: 

  • Transactions listed below only work if they are allowed to your category on a specific date. 
  • If transaction are allowed, they will appear in the the drop-down menus. 
  • If they are not allowed, they will not show in the menus. If you are not sure what your current rights are, review the information on the Home page. 
  • You can access the menu by left-clicking a cell on a calendar. There are no right-clicking options in AppCal.


Requesting an Appointment

AppCal has been developed so that depending on the role of the delegate the following default location will be selected.:

If you are requesting the appointment and don't wish to meet the delegate at the default location it is also possible to change the location to either 'your location' or 'my location', it is also possible to suggest a different location altogether. Finally when receiving a request if the location of the meeting does not suit your preferences you can suggest a different location.

All location information is shown in your AppCal Calendar and is listed when printed/exported to Excel and Outlook.

You request an appointment by clicking in a free slot in the calendar of the participant you want an appointment with. Typically you have added this participant to your favorite selection and you can then see his or her calendar in the "favorite calendar" view.

There is a number of possibilities, depending on your rights, in the popup menu. You can request which will request an appointment for the duration of one slot directly to the default location. You should see your request in the calendar immediately after making the request. You can request with note which allows you to add a note to your request in the request dialogue and or add an adhoc location. Finally you can request an appointment at either of the standard location defaults 'your location or 'my location. This can either be for one appointment section or for an appointment that will stretch over a number of slots by choosing request extended.

Requesting an appointment - default location


Cancelling a Request

You can cancel your own requests at any time in your own calendar. The recipient of the request will not be notified about a cancellation. If the appointment has already been accepted you will be asked to supply a note about the cancellation.

Accepting  a Request

Click on the request in your own calendar and choose accept. The slot changes state to accepted. 


Declining a Request

Click on the request in your own calendar and choose decline.  If you choose decline you should give a reason. The request disappears immediately from your calendar but will be visible in the requester's calendar until the decline has been acknowledged.

Acknowledging a Decline or a Cancellation

You should acknowledge a decline or cancellation. After the acknowledge the request disappears from your calendar. (See example above).

Accepting an appointment when receiving a duplicate request

It is possible for a participant to request an appointment by clicking on an "Olive Green" cell, indicating that the participant already has a meeting request for that time slot, and that your request might be rejected.

  • This is not a favored practice, and should be used only when other options are not available.
  •  Requesting on a tentative cell will cause a second column to appear in the participant calendar, not in your own. This causes a duplicate request for a single time slot.
  • You must first take action on the request that you will not accept in that time slot, by either declining it, forwarding it to a co-worker or suggesting a new time. 
  • The additional column will disappear, and you can then take action on the remaining appointment request.



You can change the time or duration of an appointment by clicking on the appointment and choose suggest in the popup menu. This brings the suggest dialog up. If you only want to change the duration you change the number of slots, write a note and press ok. If you also want to change the time of the appointment you press Suggest new time. This brings you to the suggest calendar which is your own calendar overlaid with the calendar of the participant you have an appointment with. In this calendar you can pick a new time by clicking in a free slot and choose suggest time in the popup menu.


If you receive a request which should be handled by another participant from your company you can click on the request and choose forward in the popup menu. You then choose the participant you want to receive the request instead of yourself.

You can use the same procedure if at any time you want to move a request to another participant from your company.

Insert Confirmed Appointment (Coordinators only)

Although it is not a recommended practice, it may happen that an appointment is agreed to outside of the Appointment Calendar. Coordinators may insert such an appointment as Accepted in their calendar and the other participant calendar by using Insert Confirmed Appointment.

Section 4: Appointment Management.

In this section the participants:

  • Review an Appointment History
  • Print a calendar
  • e-mail a participant
  • Export  Calendar information to Excel
  • Manage e-mail reminders

History of Requests

You can see the history of a single request by clicking on it and chose history in the popup menu. 

  • The history comes up in its own browser window. 
  • Close this window by clicking on the Close window and return to calendar button.
  • If your browser has a "pop-up blocker" activated, you will need to allow pop-ups to view the history window.

You can see the history of all your requests, also the declined and cancelled requests by clicking on the Show ALL appointments history button on the calendar page.

Print a Calendar

To print your calendar simply click "Print calendar" and the document will be opened in pdf. format ready for printing.

e-mail a participant

NOTE: This is different from Sending a Message

You can e-mail a participant by:

  • Clicking on the participant's name in the header row of Favorites Calendar.
    This will open a new message in your e-mail program.

  • By looking up a participant's Information (from the search results) and using the e-mail address that is listed.

This will open your e-mail program and populate the "To"  field with the participant e-mail address.
The e-mail will be sent to an external e-mail address.

Sending a Message to a Company

You can use the AppCal to place a message in a Participating Company Message Box.

The Message Box functionalities are accessed progressively, similarly to the way you can you can request appointment meetings. If you have the rights to request a meeting, you will be able to send messages. If you have the rights to accept a meeting, you will have the rights to reply to a message.

Review the Message Box functionalities on the Message Box Help page. 

Export Calendar Information to Excel

You can export Calendar information to Excel by clicking the "Export to Excel" button located at the bottom of every Calendar page. 

  • If your browser has a "pop-up blocker" activated, you will need to allow pop-ups to view the history window.

Manage e-mail reminders

If you want your reminder messages to be forwarded to a generic e-mail box, or to another e-mail box for administrative reasons (like not being able to access your internal company e-mail system while on the road) you can re-direct the reminder messages by changing the Notification e-mail in My Info page.